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The ground breathes -animation

Visual artist Geir Byrkjeland

Geir Byrkjeland's Landet andas animation deals with the unique archipelago of Vaasa. The work is located in the H building of the Vaasa Central Hospital. The Vaasa region has one of the few geological phenomena that can be experienced and seen during a person's lifetime. It's about uplift and the remains of the last ice age.

Geir Byrkjeland creates a wide variety of works, paintings, sculptures and community art

I am Geir Byrkjeland, a visual artist from Vaasa. I have created a wide variety of works, paintings, sculptures and communal art. The historical re-enactment of the Lapua Movement is one of the largest community art works that I have participated in. For approximately four years, I also worked as an artist and cooperation developer for the Northern Quark UNESCO World Heritage. In that context I got engage in many projects of various sizes, such as “Maailmanperintöagentit”, a communal art work for day care children which was recognized by the Ministry of Education. The residence and artist-run community Platform has been a passion of mine for already eight years. Over the last 20 years, Platform has produced a variety of art and festivals in collaboration with hundreds of resident artists.

Screenshot from the animation "The ground breathes".

Making “The ground breathes "

The work I created for the H Building of the Vaasa Central Hospital is composed of a 3D animation and a soundscape. I have been thinking about the idea for this work for a while already, and this is the first full-length version, based on the idea of our archipelago. Working on a 3D animation has many phases: modelling the 3D world is basically sculpting, after which you start to animate the sculpture and finally compose it into the final video. I feel that process of creating a work goes hand in hand with refining the idea: Usually the work will transform during the process, and I may let go of the original idea, engaging in a dialogue throughout the process on how the final work will look like.

Photo: Sami Pulkkinen

It took me approximately six months to create the work, during which time I found new methods of working with the 3D world.

I aimed to imbue the work with an internal peace. I hope that the animation can provide its viewers a resting place.

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