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Soldier's fingers

Sara Wacklin

Are there more opposing professions than military and medical? What if a soldier starts advising a pharmacist on the treatment of his wounds? Self-help in Finnish. The story is from Sara Wacklin's book? Hundrade minnen från Österbotten? from 1844.

In the Battle of Revonlahti, a cannonball shattered the right hand of a Finnish soldier so that the fingers could barely stay closed.

The soldier was sent to the Oulu hospital with the other wounded. He himself considered the departure order he received from the officer to be pointless because of the five fingers. However, he left for the city, where he visited a pharmacy. There he slammed his wounded hand on the counter so that the pharmacist turned pale at the sight of it. Coldly calmly, the soldier asked for "a bit of plaster for his useless fingers". The pharmacist told the wounded man to urgently seek help from a doctor, because "a plaster won't help such a severe wound".

"Well! Everything else," answered the soldier and pulled out a sharp knife with his left hand. With it he suddenly cut off his wounded fingers. Then he said "goodbye now" and left. The pharmacist shouted, "of course take your fingers with you", and rushed to bind the wounded hand as best he could. The soldier took the matter in Tyyne coolly and said with a laugh: "There's nothing else I can do but be an organ pedal."

Oulu's Old Pharmacy was founded in 1762. When talking about an old pharmacy, the first thing that comes to mind is the three-story stone building designed by Veikko Kallio in 1928, still standing at the corner of Pakkahuonekatu and Torikatu. However, there was an even older pharmacy next to it until the 1960s. The corner of the block has a long tradition of pharmacy operations. In 1826, a handsome empire-type wooden building was built at Torikatu 9 to replace the pharmacy that burned down in the fire of 1822. The old pharmacy stretched from the site of the current brick house to the boundary of the Liito plot. According to tradition, the pharmacy was drawn by Carl Ludvig Engel (1778-1840) himself. There is no evidence of this, just as there is no evidence for many other "angel houses" in Oulu. There is a documentary about Oulu in the Turku pharmacy museum. Based on that, you can get an idea that the problems at that time were similar to today. "At the time in Oulu, there would be such virtues and a giver to this W Shop Such substances with the help of which He would make the one he loves fall in love with the purpose of marriage". The letter is from the time when the number of leeches in the pharmacy's inventory was counted.

The pharmacy known to all Oulu residents operated at Torikatu 7 until 1983.

Translation translation; Sampsa Laurinen

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Svenska Kulturfonden has supported Sara Wacklin's ?Hundrade minnen från Österbotten? publication of stories.

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