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Frans Michael Franzén

Clergyman, academician and poet

Frans Mikael Franzén (February 9, 1772 Oulu? August 14, 1847 near Härnösand, Sweden) was a Finnish poet, clergyman, bishop of Härnösand, professor and academician.

Listen to Franzén's poem ?newlyweds? as read by Mi Grönlund.
Newlyweds Now the man is sitting, I'm happy at your side, he's deaf to me, just look at you. When a year or a month passes from your happiness, he sits alone reading a book. Now he forgets his glass or looks at your face in wine: but soon you will be forgotten: he won't hear or answer Latin. Don't worry: yes, they like learning, even though they often dream like that. You are still more valuable to him, and he would fall over you. - Frans Michael Franzén Finnish Emanuel Tamminen, 1891.

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